Holly for President - Campaign Pack.

Holly for President - Campaign Pack.

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Holly is the perfect candidate! She is smart, sweet, funny, and tough as nails! She's compassionate and always wants to do the right thing. 

This campaign pack will help fund some very important things at The White Barn, such as:

Roof repair on the The White Barn 

New milker machine (makes it easier on the girls and on the farmer's hands)

Cover increased hay cost (for at least the first 6 months of 2020 our hay cost is going to nearly triple, due to supply issues in Ohio. 

Our campaign pack includes 

1 bar of Holly for President Goat milk soap (aprox 4.5 oz)

1 Blue vote, Natural room spray. 4 oz(same scent as soap) 

1 Holly's Promise, Goat milk, & rose kaolin clay, face mask (2 oz tub)

1 Handmade card with campaign photo & a message from Holly herself! 

 Promo code for a 15% discount on future purchases.  (exclusions/limits apply)


*"Holly for President" is a fictional/satirical political campaign for marketing and entertainment purposes only. 

"Holly for President" is a trademark of Tilton Hollow LTD. 2020