Get Your Goat! - Gift Set & Goat Sponsorship.
Get Your Goat! - Gift Set & Goat Sponsorship.

Get Your Goat! - Gift Set & Goat Sponsorship.

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At Tilton Hollow, we make most if our business decisions with our hearts...not the best business model...but..that's just who we are. We have several goats that do not produce milk for various reasons...genetics...age...whether male...etc.. Most farms that are also running a milk soap business would not keep goats that aren't's bad for the bottom line. ...but for us the bottom line is that these are intelligent, emotional, wonderful animals, and their worth can't be measured by how much they contribute to the bank acct. This is obviously a very expensive way of running a farm...but our goal has never been to get rich, our goal is simply to be able to keep doing this, and keep sharing our lives with these amazing beings, and give them love and respect. (And maybe eventually that coffee lounge they've been asking for in the barn) ;-)

Our Get your Goat gift set combines some of our wonderful 100% natural goat milk products, with a sponsorship that helps to keep up with the expenses for the goats that are not producing. 

This set includes a bar of Raaw, our unscented goat milk soap (and the first one we ever made) our Milk & Mud, goat milk, clay & coffee, facial mask, and Milk & Butter hand salve. It also includes a handmade thank you card (made by farmer Jeff) and a color photo of a goat and some fun info about that goat! All in an attractive silver and white box. 

This is great for yourself or as a gift!

The goats (and the farmers) appreciate you more than you can ever know.