Designation 1823 -Signature Scent
Designation 1823 -Signature Scent

Designation 1823 -Signature Scent

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So...we wondered what would happen if we took the top notes...or essence of each of our soap scents..and combined them into one. What happened is a truly wonderful...complex..yet, simply pleasing, signature scent that we call "Designation 1823". 7 essential oils make up this scent.....our most adventurous scent yet! We've always tried to make our soap smell different from others...nothing heavy or perfumey....we like very botanical, herbal scents, with notes of citrus...we like to use essential oils of plants that the Tilton's would have had access to and used for food or medicinal purposes. We think you will love this scent. 

This soap has notes of herbs, spices, citrus, & a bit of mint. 

Raw goat milk, coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, olive oil, pumpkin seed oil , essential oils. 

aprox 4.5 oz bar (most are a bit bigger)