Goat Sponsorship 6 months

Goat Sponsorship 6 months

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At Tilton Hollow, many of our business decisions are made with our hearts, instead of our heads. we keep several goats that have never produced milk, or have retired from milking. Most farms would send those goats away, to other farms, or very likely to slaughter. We see them as more than "livestock" , they are sweet, intelligent, funny, they form strong family bonds, they all respond to their names...they are just incredible. our goal with our soap business, is not to get rich...but just to be able to keep sharing our lives with these wonderful beings. 

When you sponsor a goat 

You will receive a handmade card (made by Farmer Jeff) with a color picture of a goat and a bit of info about that goat. Your card will also include a special promo code that will give you %15 off any Tilton Hollow purchases during your sponsorship period (3, 6, or 12 months) We will also occasionally send email updates/fun tidbits! Welcome to the farm family! 

 These are great to have sent as a gift also. "A goat has been sponsored in your name"

We have 3 levels

3 months  $60

6 months. $120

12 months $240